Confidence® BE from Salts Healthcare – Is It Everything You Want It To BE?

Excitement had been building in the ostomy world for a few months. Whispers about a brand new ostomy bag that you could match your outfit to, feel more confident in, was quick to dry and generally a lot more aesthetically pleasing for the wearer was just around the corner.

Salts Confidence Be Closed Bag

Finally, in November last year, Salts unveiled their brand new product, the Confidence® BE and we all squealed in delight at the pretty looking black, white and stone pouches. Salts describe this new range as ‘their most innovative product yet’ and as with everyone else, I clamoured to get some samples to test out these new bags and here’s how I got on.

On opening my samples, I was really pleased to see how ‘un-colostomy’ like these bags were. As a young woman, it is important to me that I don’t look like I have ‘medical attachments’ and these bags easily looked more like an accessory for underneath your clothing. I chose to test out the black one as it matched with my outfit that day, in fact, it matched so much I couldn’t see the bag under my black jeans. Even though I have a colostomy, I prefer using drainable bags so opted to try the ileostomy version. The drainable outlet was easy to fold and felt very secure and I liked that it tucked away to give the illusion of a closed bag.

A big selling point of this new design is it’s quick ability to dry after swimming or showering and the brand new filter that doesn’t get clogged by water – meaning no more fiddly filter stickers. I decided to try this out and showered with the bag the next morning and found that rather than spending ages drying my bag with a hairdryer, it just needed a quick towel dry and I could get dressed without a damp patch spreading through my clothes. As for the filter, after a thorough soaking I didn’t notice any extra ballooning, pancaking or sneaky smells that can occur with a clogged filter, so I deem that a success too!

The wafers on bags are a big thing for me. I have had many a cut stoma and sore skin from tough, hard wafers that dig into the skin so I was pleasantly surprised to find that the new flexifit® shaped wafers on the Confidence® BE felt light and comfortable and fit into the creases of my body (which should help to avoid leaks).

So, after a three-day road test, was the new Confidence® BE everything I wanted it to be? Well, yes! For me, I felt that it’s a great new product that combines the practical with the pretty, which I think is what a lot of people are looking for. It felt very discreet (no more smuggling crisp packets up my jumper), looked better and was very secure.

New Confidence® BE is available in a range of closed and drainable bags, with flat and convex wafers. You can order a sample to try on Salts website or call their sample hotline on FREEPHONE 0800 028 2144 (England & Wales) or FREEPHONE 0800 626388 (Scotland).

Author – Gemma Savory, Bladder & Bowel Community