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Associated Illness

Not all bladder or bowel issues are necessarily the result of conditions and diseases specific to those areas of the body.

Sometimes, bladder and bowel conditions are symptomatic of an Associated Illness that can affect the entire body, such as Multiple Sclerosis, Parkinson’s Disease, and Cauda Equina.

It’s important that you treat any new incontinence issues as something separate to other conditions you may suffer from. Whilst there could be a connection between the two this may not always be the case.

Your GP could be able to treat your incontinence separately, thus relieving one more source of stress for you. Always talk to your GP if you notice any changes in your health, particularly if you suffer from one of the illnesses talked about here.

Spina Bifida And Incontinence

Spina Bifida occurs when the spinal cord and vertebrae fail to develop properly in the womb. This ‘fault’ leaves a gap or a split in the spine. Spina Bifida affects the central nervous system.

Multiple Sclerosis And Incontinence

Multiple Sclerosis (MS) is a neurological condition, so affects the nerves. A coating around the nerve fibres called myelin becomes damaged and can produce a wide range of symptoms, which vary greatly from person to person. MS is a complex…

Parkinson’s And Bladder Problems

Parkinson’s is a progressive neurological disorder. There is no known cure for it at present and it is not yet understood why people get this condition. Parkinson’s is caused by the loss of nerve cells, which contain a chemical called…

Cauda Equina

Cauda Equina is a very serious condition causing nerve root damage. This is a rare disorder where pressure is exerted on a collection of nerves located at the bottom of the spinal cord known as the ‘cauda equina’. The cauda equina set of…