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Sleep Matters

We all know the importance of a decent night’s sleep, yet this doesn’t prevent most of us neglecting our precious rest. An estimated 75% of people don’t manage to sleep for the recommended 8 hours. This severely impacts on the triple threat of health: physical, mental and emotional.

A University of Chicago study on sleep deprivation, using student volunteers, found that after sleeping for only 4 hours a night for 6 days, the volunteers had developed higher blood pressure, were producing more stress hormones, and were only producing half the normal amount of antibodies to a flu vaccine. Most worryingly, the group also demonstrated insulin resistance, which forewarns of type 2 diabetes. These changes were reversed once the volunteers had caught up on their missed sleep.


When we’re supposed to be spending one-third of our lives in bed, finding a new mattress is an imperative task. No surprises for guessing that an old, uncomfortable mattress can contribute to aches and pains in your back, as well as leading to obesity.

The Importance of Sleep

Particularly with regards to the Bladder and Bowel Community, the importance of sleep cannot be overemphasised. Harming your immune system for the sake of a historic bed is something we urge you to avoid. The following examples demonstrate how problems with sleep can snowball into problems with your bladder or bowel.

Crohns Disease

‘Long-term sleep deprivation was shown to increase risk of septicemia. Furthermore, decreased sleep has been linked to impaired antibody response to hepatitis A vaccine, influenza, and increased risk of getting a upper respiratory infection.

Patients with Crohn’s disease (CD) and sleep loss may also have a greater risk for disease relapse. These patients had twice the risk of active disease in 6 months than patients who did not have sleep abnormalities.’

Irritable Bowel Syndrome (IBS)

People suffering from Irritable Bowel Syndrome (IBS) are likely to suffer from similar symptoms such as; sleep latency (the time it takes to nod off), sleep fragmentation, less energy in the day, increased tiredness, and generally poor quality of sleep. Even when not experiencing the common ailments of IBS, there is a chance that an interrupted sleeping pattern may exacerbate the symptoms of these conditions, and encourage them to re-emerge.

A quick, easy and non-surgical solution to these issues is to make sure you have a comfortable bed, that works to help with your symptoms, rather than exacerbate them. This might not cure you, hopefully it means you should be irritable in less than two ways after a good night’s kip however.

Partnership with Silentnight

Given the importance of sleep to the lifestyle of the bladder and bowel community we have formed a partnership with Silentnight the UK’s leading bed manufacturer.

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We look forward to building on this initiative and bring you more community benefits to help improve your lifestyle in the near future.