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Megacolon & Slow Transit Constipation

Bladder & Bowel Community member, Anne Fairhurst shares her experiences of living with Megacolon and Slow Digestive Transit; how she experienced constipation for years before finally being diagnosed with the, and how it has affected

Ulcerative Colitis – Kevin’s Story

Crohn’s and Colitis are invisible illnesses that mainly affects the digestive system but can also cause fatigue and painful joints. They are forms of inflammatory bowel disease, that currently don’t have a cure. Around 300,000 in

SAVE LIVES, Grow a Beard this December.

Bowel Cancer UK has launched its annual Decembeard campaign aimed at raising awareness and vital funds into the research of life-saving treatments for bowel cancer. Taking part in Decembeard is so easy. All you have to do it ditch

The Importance Of Hydration

Poor nutrition and hydration can sometimes make bladder and bowel symptoms worse, this article looks at all the reasons why good hydration is so important to the bladder and bowel.

Changes To Public Toilets In Bristol

Bristol City Council is changing the way it provides public toilets, following the closure of 18 public toilets across the city. 

 The council is replacing the public toilet provision with a ‘Community Toilet Scheme’. With the…

Life Stories – My Toilet Nightmare

From a very young age I realised I didn’t have great bladder or bowel control. Looking back many times as an older child I would wet myself if I laughed too much, if I ran which made sports events at school a nightmare and moving into my…

Cancer, That Can’t Happen To Me…Right?

Bladder & Bowel's very own Community Marketing Manager, Gemma Savory, brings you a very personal battle... The 8th October 2014 at precisely midday I found myself sat in a small lounge room at Birmingham Women’s Hospital with my…

Request A FREE Colostomy Pouch Sample From CliniMed

Finding Freedom With A Flushable Colostomy Pouch Many people with a colostomy would say that life with a stoma can often be restricting. Daily challenges include needing to plan for the possibility of an unexpected pouch change,…